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Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Crime revealed through Handwriting

Over my Christmas vacation , I had a chance to pick up and read this very interesting book by 'Patricia Marne' called Crime and Sex in Handwriting. The book had so much to teach and reveal that it inspired me to write and share those with my readers.

I am sure that on one or the other occasion everyone of us have had a feeling of doubt about someone else whether it be a friend, co-worker, family member, loved one, boss or an acquaintance. Just recall, how many times have you wondered, "Is he/she telling me the truth?", "Is he/she hiding something?" etc.

Its true that hidden fears, obsessions, signs of deceit, greed, violence, need to control, anger, jealousy and several other negative traits in human nature can be revealed through handwriting analysis. No, I am not suggesting that 'Your Boy friend can be a murderer?' but do watch out for those negative signs......Wait for more to come...

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We are back with a bang..

Although we have started a new website: Review but because of your love and emails we are back with a bang.....
We promise to deliver and share with you our handwriting analysis experiences so that you can understand yourself and others better through handwriting assessments. This gradual knowledge will definitely be a source of awakening but Remember 'Little knowledge is a dangerous thing' so learn with caution and patience.

If you have any questions or concerns feel free to email us. We would love to see your handwriting samples and assist you with your queries.

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Tuesday, August 12, 2008

New Handwriting Website

Please note that ' This Blog has been moved to a full fledged website. ' Check out:
Review Handwriting

Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Handwritng Reveals: Are you loyal and optimistic ?

Loyalty in a person can be detected if he has well rounded dots on I’s. For example, in the word questioning, there are well rounded dots on I’s and if this pattern is persistent in the writing we can certainly judge the person as being loyal. Now, this trait should be studied along with others characteristics in the handwriting to make a true judgement about someone.

Do you notice upward slant of T-bar in the word 'The'? Look again . Wondering, what does it mean? It indicates positive outlook towards life. It shows that person is optimistic and wants to succeed in life. T-bars can tell a lot about different traits. Wait till I tell you all about them........

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Monday, January 8, 2007

Handwriting analysis in Personal and professional life

Handwriting can reveal a lot about a person. It does not only tell about the basic traits of a man and his outlook towards life but can also indicate as to what kind of job is he suited for? Will he succeed as a scientist or is he suitable for a sales job. For e.g. if a person's handwriting show innate creativity, he would be better off in a job that requires use of such skills. Thus, handwriting analysis can help a person in his professional life.

In many companies in Europe, handwriting analysis is widely used to check candidate's suitability for the job. Employers check the writing of the job- seekers to analysize their various skills like:

  • Sense of Responsibility
  • Ability to handle pressure
  • Organizational ability
  • Leadership skills
  • Creativity

Handwriting Analysis can also help in improving one's personal life. Now, you must be wondering how is that possible? If you can identify and combat differences (revealed as per writing) between your nature and your partner's nature, will your life not improve drastically? I can hear you say, "Yes, it will!" Well, signs of danger and dishonesty indicated by one's handwriting can send you a signal.."Beware" making you cautious in your relationships.

This field of study has much more scope than a common man has ever imagined.

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Saturday, January 6, 2007

My Passion " Handwriting Analysis"

I was so excited after the success of my first experimentation that I thought of pursuing my interest a bit further. It was as if my life has found a new meaning. Nothing mattered more than my new found love for graphology.

Day and night, I sat in front of my computer gathering as much information as I could about Handwriting analysis and started making notes on the subject. When my teachers wrote anything on the board, I would get lost in trying to figure out their strengths and weaknesses. I would think about their narrow- mindedness, optimism, indecisiveness, creativity, argumentativeness, aggressiveness, diligence, precision etc and above all their temper.

I would ask my friends for their notebooks to have sample of their hand writings so that I could sharpen my analytical skills. I would sit in my room for hours trying to identify different traits in different writings, studying broad strokes and fine lines. I was gaining respect among my peers for my new found knowledge and I was enjoying my popularity.

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Thursday, January 4, 2007

Learning Handwriting Analysis

"Do you really think by changing one's Handwriting a person can change his Personality?" It was the question that my best friend, Bindiya asked me when I told her about my passion for Graphology.
My answer was yes - you can to some extent.

She was an introvert and wanted me to help her become an outgoing /extrovert person. I warned her "It's not going to be easy". I reasoned being an introvert is not a big deal. However, she had made up her mind. I asked," Are you sure, you want to try this? "She was ready for the challenge; wanted me to help her and then begun our experimentation.

I showed her traits in her handwriting which indicated her introvert nature. I explained her that she will have to make a conscious effort to change certain aspects of her writing style to change her personality. She would sometimes forget what I had taught her and would revert back to her old handwriting. It was an effort of two amateur people to bring about a change so it required a bit of hard work.

We diligently kept working on her writing traits and eventually over a period of time we noticed a change in her personality. I am proud to say that today this friend of mine is a successful financial consultant in Australia and I am happy for her. I am glad I could make a little difference in her life.

Today her handwriting clearly indicates her extroversion...

1. Shows Rightward trend and fuller forms/curves.
2. Increased size of the letters and expanded letter width and letter spacing.

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